Sewer Backup

Sewer/Stormwater Backup:

Sewer backup can be caused by a number of reasons. From tree roots, clogs, compromised pipes in everyday situations; however, typically, during a flooding situation sewer and storm backups occur for the following reasons:

  • Infrastructure is not designed to accommodate the flooding event, especially in older parts of town where sanitary and sewer systems are still combined
  • Storm sewer outfalls are under water or blocked

It’s also important to understand your neighborhoods ‘ infrastructure and the property history of flooding or sewer backup. This will help in understanding the flood risk and how to prepare for it.

Property owners can do many things to help prevent sewers from backing up in their structures. These very same things can help to prevent backups in the city mains as well. If everyone would be careful about how they dispose of certain products, our systems can be a great deal more efficient, cause fewer backups, and cost us all less money.

The City of Ottawa also offers cost sharing assistance to install ejector pumps and elevate plumbing within structures deemed necessary by the Commissioner of Public Works . These applications can be picked up at City Hall.