Basements are very crucial components of any structure, whether they are finished or not, basements should be protected from flooding and all other types of water intrusion (seepage, sewer backup). The walls and floors of a basement are the foundation for a home. In many cases, even in basements that are not finished, basements are sometimes utilized for housing the essential mechanicals for a structure (hvac equipment, electrical components, plumbing, hot water heaters, washers/dryers, etc.). During flooding situations water can enter basements a number of ways. It can be through windows, doors, or other openings to the basement.  It can come through sewer/floor drains. It can also come from inundation when a structure is surrounded by water. When a home is surrounded by water, hydrostatic pressure can compromise the walls.

Things to do to prevent flooding/damage in a basement:

  • Raise all plumbing in the structure
  • Do not finish basements that are susceptible to flooding
  • In basements that are subject to flooding, elevate all mechanicals and anything that can be damaged by water inundation