Elevation Certificates

An elevation certificate is just that. It is an elevation that has been obtained and established in the field and is certified/stamped by a licensed engineer or surveyor. Typically, when constructing or planning for construction in areas prone to flooding, flood protection elevations have to be met. The City of Ottawa has a two foot flood protection elevation above the base flood elevation. Elevation certificates are used to demonstrate and prove elevations in the field. They can also be used to help determine accurate flood insurance risk premiums. A form developed by FEMA is typically used for this purpose and is widely accepted across numerous disciplines. As a participant in the Community Rating Service (CRS), the City of Ottawa requires this form to be used when an elevation certificate is required in floodplain management/regulation.

The following link provides a link to the form and also an elevation certificate overview with instructions on how to complete the form:

FEMA-Elevation Certificate Information