What is the City Doing?

>>What is the City Doing?
What is the City Doing? 2018-10-18T18:34:59+00:00

The City has worked very hard in recent years to help protect its’ citizens and their property by developing and implementing sustainable floodplain management strategies. They’ve worked to understand where the flooding problems are, what is causing them, what the effects of them are, and are working diligently to find solutions for them.

Top Priorities:

  • Flood Wall around waste water treatment plant-Implemented 2016
  • Mitigate houses in the “Flats”-  Approximately 60 homes have been mitigated over the past 20 years.  This area of the “Flats” is now a public park (Fox River Park). Now when floods occur, the park provides for natural storage and conveyance for flood waters.
  • Re align/elevate Green Street-Conducting feasibility study
  • Elevate Berm around Ottawa High School and area protecting portions of the East Side.  Pending Construction.

Here is an article provided by FEMA in regard to Ottawa’s flood improvement efforts.

FEMA Article

Estimating the Return on Investment of Buyouts: A Loss Avoidance Case Study for the City of Ottawa, Illinois

Loss Avoidance Summary_Ottawa_ISWS