What are the rules for developing near the floodplain?
Who is responsible for enforcing the rules of the floodplain?
I have a boat dock and want to replace it, do I need a permit?
My home was damaged during the last flood. What is the process for getting the repairs done?
I want to put an addition on my house. It is inside the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). Are there any restrictions?
Why can’t I improve the value of my home if it is in the SFHA?
What happens if I increase the value of my property more than 50% of its pre-flood value?
Who determines if the damage is 50%?
What type of work requires a permit in the floodplain?
Any type of development requires a permit.  Development means placing fill, roads, bridges, concrete, buildings, fences and any type of excavating.